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The 5 biggest challenges for foreigners in Germany

For those who are thinking of moving to Germany, it might help to know what to expect. In this episode, I talk about some of the biggest challenges someone who was not born in Germany is likely to experience when they move to Germany. 

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Discover the most effective way of dealing with stereotypes

I love stereotypes though as a foreigner, I really ought to hate them. One of the most enduring realities of living in a foreign land is that you will constantly be bathed, scrubbed and wrapped with stereotypes. I suspect that this is especially so if you are African. Some who have watched that crazy film with Eddy Murphy will assume that you are a Zamunda citizen waiting to pull some crazy stunt on them. They will mostly ignore you but if they have a minute to spare, they will look at you with wry amusement laced with unhinged curiosity. 

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