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The crazy ways elections in Kenya and Germany differ

On the 26th of September 2021, Germans will go to the elections to elect Angela Merkel's successor. In this episode, I explore the different ways elections in Germany and my birth country Kenya differ.


The right-wing German Querdenker are planning to move to Africa!

The Querdenker, the German equivalent of Qanon have been encouraging their followers to move to Africa. One of their leading lights, Bodo Schiffmann is at the forefront of encouraging the move to Tanzania. From Africa, they plan to fight to free Germans from Angela Merkel's "Corona dictatorship." 

What is this about?

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The cancel culture myth; the incredible story of Jens Lehman, Denis Aogo, Boris Palmer and their racist rhetorik.

The cancel culture myth, why it is not even a thing

Should a society tolerate everything in the name of freedom?

There are people who argue that there should be no consequences for the hateful, the spiteful and the vindictive.

A former German national football keeper Jens Lehmann, a former professional and national football player Denis Aogo and the current Greens party mayor of the city of Tübingen Boris Palmer and their supporters probably believe that they are victims of cancel culture.


But are they really?

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Why the videos published by German superstar actors Heike Makatsch, Jan Joseph Liefers and co scare me

This week, German superstar actors like Heike Makatsch, Jan Joseph Liefers, Ulrike Folkerts and 50 of their colleagues published videos mocking the current Covid regulations passed by Angela Merkel’s government. The applause from the far-right party AFD and supporters of fascist hateful movements like Querdenker was prompt and boisterous.

My 10 day visit to southern France before Covid came back in 2020 (Part 2)

You can read part 1 here.

Day 2 - The French city of Lyon

We had arrived at around 6 pm in Lyon. Lyon is breathtaking in a way I can’t quite describe. Maybe it was my relatively low expectations but it’s difficult to imagine that France has another city just as elegant as Paris that had barely ever registered in my radar. We ate pizza and walked around Lyon until midnight. The restaurants were full and the French seemed to be having a time of their life which was fascinating considering that there was a raging pandemic.

The next morning, we went out to look for breakfast but all places were closed. The restaurant owners of Lyon were still asleep. At 8 am. I can not stress enough how much this shocked me. Eventually, we came across a bakery that also served hot chocolate and latte machiatto.


At 11am, we left Lyon and headed south in the direction of Marseille. At around 15.30pm, we arrived in Grasse, the small town near Cannes where our rented house was located.  The house we rented was on a hill from where one could see the Mediterranean. It also had a pool. What was not mentioned was the fact that one could only access it using the most narrow winding and torturous streets that didn’t give one a chance to make a 2cm mistake. After many horrible close calls, we finally arrived at the house.

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