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Why the violence that the United States metes out on its black citizens is not different from the violence that Nazi Germany meted out on it's Jewish citizens

George Floyd's murder and the monsters that make it possible

These past days I have felt like the conversations in my family only revolve around that video. We don’t even dare to say his name afraid of the violent pains that it has sent through our inner most souls. My kids look away when it appears on news. It is unbearable to watch a man taking his last breath. It’s unbearable to watch a black man being killed yet again by a white man. It’s unbearable to watch the casual smug composure of a white man slowly draining the life off a black man. The arrogant haughtiness of a man who knows that the system is behind him. A man who knows that killing a black man will on a good day go without any notice. On a bad day, it might lead to being fired. For the most time, there are no consequences. Absolutely none.


As a parent of mixed race kids, it is impossible to ignore discussions about race. I feel a need to explain and comfort in times like this. I feel a need to make my kids understand what being 50% black mean in a racist violent world we live in. The violence that the United States is meting out on its black citizens is not much different from the violence that Nazi Germany meted out on its Jewish citizens. They ostracized them and made it impossible for them to hold jobs and earn a decent wage to fend for their families. They normalized the use of violent demeaning language to describe them. They dehumanized them in unthinkable ways.The Gestapo just like the American police were regularly used by Germans to harass and put Jews in their place. And they eventually put them in gas chambers and killed them.

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