Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability (TED TALK)

Happy or Numb?

Someone who I have great respect for recently told me that they had not only read my book but also regularly read my blog posts. The emotions that spun through my body were not of happiness but of horror. I suddenly felt exposed, bare, uncovered…well vulnerable.


It wasn’t the first time I felt like this. Writing is a highly satisfying venture but it requires a certain level of openness to feelings. It requires the ability to empathize, to feel, to listen, to smell. In a world in which people can exert pain in all possible ways, this openness is extremely difficult to achieve.


Most of us have become experts at wearing masks. We smile when what we’d really like to do is slap someone or give compliments while rolling our eyes.

This video made me realize one IMPORTANT thing.

The opposite of  vulnerability is numbness.

I know what I’d rather feel.

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