When a distraction turns into a nightmare

I never thought he would get elected. I just didn’t. Too many reasonable people in America. Women would stand with one of their own. He is too brash. Not without releasing his tax returns. Not with his Russian connections. Not after his tape about grabbing pu**y.

I was wrong.

As he would say, I was ‘bigly tremendously yugely’ wrong.


Now he sits in the oval office and never misses an opportunity to remind us of his ‘bigly’ victory. It’s awful to lose to anyone but a loss against him is the kind of stuff long terrible nightmares are made of. You think you have swam to the shore only to find out that you are three and a half kilometers away with the clouds darkening from all sides.

And when you somehow reach the shore, bruised and just about to die, you find him standing there with a lovely smug on his face.

Non-Americans and American elections

As a non-American, it always feels disingenuous to be pre-occupied with American elections. Isn’t it their business who they elect? Why should the rest of the world especially those of us from a continent ruled by iron-fisted tyrants be dismayed by Americans’ choice?

It is a bit like a family who can’t feed their children but somehow find it despicable that another family's roof is leaking.

Is their worse escapism?

But escapism or not, I pay attention to American elections.  Most of the people I know, do. Every four years, we gobble up the drama and in the end, bask in the victory or loss of a given candidate.  It is like watching a football match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. You don’t care much about the result, but you appreciate the show.

It was supposed to be a distraction

Normally, we go back to our lives and wait another four years for the next drama and the accompanying entertainment.

But this year is different.

I have been trying to get back to my life. To go back to where conversations revolve around the weather, traffic jams, friends, family, work and the normal stuff but try as I may, I keep failing.


He is a fire hose of information permeating every aspect of our lives. He is everywhere, every freaking moment delivering an endless hypnotic horror show. Ignoring or not ignoring him is like watching a train wreck or a car crash. You know it will ruin your day and cause you nightmares but you somehow can’t help yourself.

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  • #1

    Yamuna (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 16:42)

    Sigh.... and months later, the nightmare has only worsened! Here's hoping this clown will get himself impeached x

  • #2

    Caroline (Sunday, 18 June 2017 22:15)

    Hi Yamuna,
    Thanks for reading!
    I doubt he'll be impeached. The circus will likely go on for the next four years or may be even 8...��