10 answers about going to school in Germany

An interview with a 12 year about going to school in Germany

I was not born in Germany and neither did I attend school in Germany. My first interaction with the German education system was at the university level. The German education system especially the elementary, mid-school and high school levels remain a big mystery to me. This is partly because every federal state has a different educational system. What is true in one federal state might not be true in another. We live in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg in the South West of Germany. Our neighbors to the East, Bavaria have a completely different system of education. And so do our neighbors to the north. In this episode, I talk to an expert, my 12 year old daughter who was born here and attends school here about the intricacies of going to school in Germany.

What mode of transport do they use to school? What subjects are they taught? How many years do they have to go to school? 

Find out from the podcast interview

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