20 most valuable lessons I learnt in 2018

  1. Beyblade is the world’s best toy. My eight year old says this so it must be true.
  2. African Twitter-space is divided into two distinct parts. Those who fall over themselves praising the continent’s leadership  and those who stare at the first group with their mouths agape. 
  3. Exceptionalism is a lie.
  4. It’s not the gender. When it comes to gossip and pettiness, gender parity rules.
  5. Bluffing is an extremely important skill. If in doubt, watch Trump and the Brexit shenanigans in the UK.
  6. Be wary of people using big words. If they can’t simplify it, they don’t understand it well enough.
  7. Speak your truth. Don’t underestimate or give away your power.
  8. Weaponising your cause is like punching your annoying neighbour. It may feel good for a moment but you will ultimately have to move house.
  9. Don’t take people who romanticise poverty or suffering seriously. For every person who triumphs, many others never make it.
  10. Brilliance is not a prerequisite for wealth. There are many poor brilliant people and there are equally many incredibly dumb rich people.
  11. Just because something is important to you doesn’t mean that it’s also important to other people. Be your own best advocate.
  12. Read historical works. It’s the best check against despair.
  13. Airport toilets are like living rooms. They will tell you everything you need to know about a country.
  14. Sting‘s Fields of gold is gold.
  15. There are two kinds of privileged people. Those who recognize their privilege and those who hate being reminded of their privilege. The world is full of the latter.
  16. Twitter is a lot like real life. Some users are insufferable and rage inducing. Many others are brilliant and inspiring.
  17. Pay for comfort. Pay for convenience. Pay for value. Don‘t ever pay for prestige.
  18. Be wary of those who are quick to trash and ridicule vulnerable people.
  19. No matter how bad things are today, the clock doesn’t stop. This too shall pass.
  20. Nothing is impossible. The fact that my 14 year old doesn’t know Nokia or Blackberry is proof enough.


Happy 2019 everyone!