Narcos Netflix series and the 10 best lessons about justice

I was watching the Netflix series Narcos and in the end, the protagonists like Pablo Escobar were either dead or thrown in American jails. It left me wondering. Was that justice? In one of the scenes, Escobar’s mother is shown sobbing after her son has been gunned down. I assume that she wasn’t the only one. What about all the people her son had killed? Didn’t they mean anything to her? One is tempted to ask.

And the Americans? Were they really the good guys? Arming vigilantes to kill poor Colombians in the name of fighting communism? Looking away when it suited them? Selectively fighting traffickers?


This series is a sobering illustration of everything that is wrong with the concept of justice, and it  mostly leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Justice, most of us would like to believe, is a way to balance the scale. To bring closure. To right a wrong. The reality in this series, just like in our every day lives is stunningly different. 

My 10 Life Lessons about justice

So what do I know about justice?


1.      Justice is often a subjective issue. Rarely does everyone see it the same way.


2.      The less power you have, the higher the chances that you will only read about justice in books.


3.      Justice and fairness are not synonymous.


4.      Be wary of those intent on meting out justice. Justice is often meted out from a position of power.


5.      It is noble to fight for justice.


6.      When you set out to fight for justice, be very sure that you understand what you are fighting for.


7.      Be aware that for every supposed justice, there is someone who feels terribly aggrieved.


8.      Justice has a price.


9.      When it comes to justice, perception is everything.


10.   Living in an unjust society is hell on earth.



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