Bizarre Moments

Becoming a German traffic warden

Does the thought of telling on someone leave a big majestic smile on your face? Do you feel the joy deep in your heart for weeks thereafter? Do you sleep better?

Have you experienced the benefits of such a gutsy and noble act?

Not yet?

Pack your bags.

A German entrepreneur Heinrich Strößenreuther has come up with an App to turn normal folks into traffic wardens. The App ‘Wegeheld’ literally translates to route hero. Anyone with the App can take pictures of wrongly parked cars or any other parking offenders and send them to the authorities.

It is alleged that so far,more than ten thousand people have downloaded the App.


An African in a Nazi party!

Originally from Togo, Abdul is a member of the Nazi party Republikaner
Originally from Togo, Abdul is a member of the Nazi party Republikaner

I can think of explanations for most things in life. For example, why the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. But I honestly have no explanation for why a black guy would be a member of a Nazi party let alone vie for an elective post with it.

Why? I mean, why?




Note:  Nazis believe that Germany is for Germans. They barely tolerate other Europeans so one can safely assume that they have abundant love for Africans and other races.



German elections, right extremists and their Asshole election campaign

My eyes almost popped out when I recently came across this campaign poster from Germany's right extremist party ' Die Republikaner' best known for their hate for anything or anyone who is not German.


Campaign poster from German Nazis
Campaign poster from German Nazis

In their typical loving way, they ask the electorate; 'Which asshole will you vote for?'


Wow.  I mean, really?



The different colors represent the different parties. Red is for the social democrats, black is for Angela Merkel's Christian democrats, green is for the environmentally inspired and yellow is for the liberal democrats.

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