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Random thoughts · 25. July 2021
The Querdenker, the German equivalent of Qanon have been encouraging their followers to move to Africa. One of their leading lights, Bodo Schiffmann is at the forefront of encouraging the move to Tanzania. From Africa, they plan to fight to free Germans from Angela Merkel's "Corona dictatorship." What is this about?
Random thoughts · 30. August 2020
To call 2020 a disaster would be a huge understatement. I in all honesty have no idea what to think or say about it so I invited my 10 year old son to share his thoughts on corona virus, police brutality and the year 2020.
Random thoughts · 31. May 2020
These past days I have felt like the conversations in my family only revolve around that video. We don’t even dare to say his name afraid of the violent pains that it has sent through our inner most souls. My kids look away when it appears on news. It is unbearable to watch a man taking his last breath. It’s unbearable to watch a black man being killed yet again by a white man. It’s unbearable to watch the casual smug composure of a white man slowly draining the life off a black man. The...

Random thoughts · 29. December 2018
Beyblade is the world’s best toy. My eight year old says this so it must be true. African Twitter-space is divided into two distinct parts. Those who fall over themselves praising the continent’s leadership and those who stare at the first group with their mouths agape. Exceptionalism is a lie. It’s not the gender. When it comes to gossip and pettiness, gender parity rules. Bluffing is an extremely important skill. If in doubt, watch Trump and the Brexit shenanigans in the UK. Be wary of...

Random thoughts · 30. November 2018
The first time I saw Sheryl Sandberg was a few years ago on CNN. It was around 2 pm on a random Saturday afternoon. I remember sitting up, intrigued by her enthusiastic voice and her bubbly face. There was something about her. Something about her vulnerable demeanor and raspy voice that made it look like she was talking to me or people like me. “What do you tell people who might think that you are too privileged to understand the struggles of ordinary women?” The CNN anchor asked her. I...

Random thoughts · 20. July 2018
Trevor Noah celebrated the French team winning the world cup as an African win. Shortly after, he received a protest letter from the French ambassador to the United States expressing his displeasure.
Discover the most effective way of dealing with stereotypes
Random thoughts · 31. March 2018
The most effective tactic of dealing with stereotypes.

Review of Trevor Noah's book 'Born a Crime'
Random thoughts · 30. April 2017
Review of Trevor Noah's book 'Born a Crime'

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