Life Lessons · 21. January 2022
Last year, we went to Greece on holiday in a place called Nikita. Apart from Covid, there were fires across Greece. Prior to the trip, we pondered whether to cancel. There were so many risks of something going wrong, but the kids were adamant so off we went. There were very strict Covid rules in place in Greece which basically meant that we couldn’t drive around and were stuck in the hotel. And so, we swam and ate and swam and played volleyball on the charming beach of our hotel on the...
Life Lessons · 15. January 2022
When my son was small, he used to ask random stuff. “Why do you have a mum?” He once asked. I pondered wondering what to say. His neutral stare suggested that he was not joking plus he at the time did not understand the concept of jokes. “Because she gave birth to me?” I responded. He nodded and picked his bottle of milk. Except for these random questions and not smiling much and insisting on drinking his milk from the bottle at five instead of a glass, he was mostly an easy baby. Once,...
Life Lessons · 08. January 2022
I was watching the Netflix series Narcos and in the end, the protagonists like Pablo Escobar were either dead or thrown in American jails. It left me wondering. Was that justice? In one of the scenes, Escobar’s mother is shown sobbing after her son has been gunned down. I assume that she wasn’t the only one. What about all the people her son had killed? Didn’t they mean anything to her? One is tempted to ask. And the Americans? Were they really the good guys? Arming vigilantes to kill...
Random thoughts · 01. January 2022
2021 has come to an end. I wish I could say good riddance, but it is difficult to say that without knowing what 2022 has in store for us. What if 2020 and 2021 turn out to be the good old days? The past two years have been a rollercoaster. A literal one if one ever existed. I have struggled to motivate myself to write. The better excuse would be to say that I have lacked time. But this simply is not true. I look back to the days when I enjoyed reading and writing and it seems like a whole...
Life in a foreign country · 17. September 2021
On the 26th of September 2021, Germans will go to the elections to elect Angela Merkel's successor. In this episode, I explore the different ways elections in Germany and my birth country Kenya differ.
Random thoughts · 25. July 2021
The Querdenker, the German equivalent of Qanon have been encouraging their followers to move to Africa. One of their leading lights, Bodo Schiffmann is at the forefront of encouraging the move to Tanzania. From Africa, they plan to fight to free Germans from Angela Merkel's "Corona dictatorship." What is this about?
Life in a foreign country · 09. May 2021
Should a society tolerate everything in the name of freedom? There are people who argue that there should be no consequences for the hateful, the spiteful and the vindictive. A former German national football keeper Jens Lehmann, a former professional and national football player Denis Aogo and the current Greens party mayor of the city of Tübingen Boris Palmer and their supporters probably believe that they are victims of cancel culture. But are they really?
Life in a foreign country · 24. April 2021
This week, German superstar actors like Heike Makatsch, Jan Joseph Liefers, Ulrike Folkerts and 50 of their colleagues published videos mocking the current Covid regulations passed by Angela Merkel’s government. The applause from the far-right party AFD and supporters of fascist hateful movements like Querdenker was prompt and boisterous.

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