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Life in a foreign country · 31. July 2020
Don’t believe people who say it doesn’t matter. It matters a lot. Language gives one insight into what really goes on in the soul of a people; the assholery, the boundless generosity, the vindictiveness. What does the existence of the word “brinkmanship” say about English or “schadenfreude” about German?

Random thoughts · 31. May 2020
These past days I have felt like the conversations in my family only revolve around that video. We don’t even dare to say his name afraid of the violent pains that it has sent through our inner most souls. My kids look away when it appears on news. It is unbearable to watch a man taking his last breath. It’s unbearable to watch a black man being killed yet again by a white man. It’s unbearable to watch the casual smug composure of a white man slowly draining the life off a black man. The...

Life in a foreign country · 14. April 2020
It has been four weeks since Germany was put in a lockdown because of the highly contagious COVID-19 virus. A lot has happened since then. People have gotten used to not knowing the day of the week. Unlike the neighboring European countries like France, Italy or Spain where so many have lost their lives, Germany seems to have come out almost unscathed. There have been mounting pressure on the government to ease the lock down and so yesterday, a group of experts from Leopoldina (National Acadmy...
Ruairi Casey/Al Jazeera]
Life in a foreign country · 28. February 2020
I wish I could say that I was surprised when Hanau shootings happened but the truth is, that I was not. Not one bit and that is a scary admission. There is an underlying hostility that we people of color feel in the midst of white people. Sometimes it is in the form of silence and sometimes it is in the form of rationalizations. “No he didn’t mean it like that.” “She is old, she doesn’t know any better.” Mostly though, it is in the form of the fragility of their emotions. Those...

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