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Life in a foreign country · 16. January 2021
At this time last year, most of us were oblivious to the horrors that 2020 was going to unleash on us. In this episode, my ten-year old and I look back on 2020. From Trump to Covid-19, it looked like nothing was ever going to beat 2020. But that was of course before 2021 arrived. With the insurrection in the US capital and the white supremacist terrorists, 2021 is already kicking 2020's ass.
Life in a foreign country · 31. December 2020
2020 is finally coming to an end and I could not be more relieved. Yesterday, more than 1000 people lost their lives here in Germany because of Covid-19. To call 2020 exhausting would be a huge understatement. Despite this, 2020 has taught me a few things that will guide my life going forward.
Life in a foreign country · 20. December 2020
At the beginning of the year, Germany was hailed as a model of how to contain the corona virus. Watching the current number of infections and deaths from corona virus in Germany, that glorious past seems like a bad joke.
Travels · 30. November 2020
The idea to visit southern France wasn’t borne out of any particular curiosity or any enthusiasm. No, it was an idea that appeared one hot afternoon as we gasped for breath and pondered the very real possibility of melting away in the hot German summer. Three days in a row with temperatures of 36 degrees convinced us that we needed to get away to some place with a sea and hopefully with no COVID. Since we did not want to fly, the options were limited to some place where we could reach by car....

Life in a foreign country · 31. October 2020
Every country has its own peculiar habits or things that are so commonly done there that no one pauses to wonder about them. For foreigners, this can sometimes be very baffling if not downright hilarious. In this episode, we talk of the peculiar German things or habits or if you like, the way of life.
Life in a foreign country · 03. October 2020
Today is the 3rd of October 2020 and it’s a national holdiay in Germany. On the 3rd of October 1990, two independent countries East Germany and West Germany reunified to form the current Federal state of Germany. 30 years later, what are the differences? Which places should you as a foreign looking person avoid?
Random thoughts · 30. August 2020
To call 2020 a disaster would be a huge understatement. I in all honesty have no idea what to think or say about it so I invited my 10 year old son to share his thoughts on corona virus, police brutality and the year 2020.
Life in a foreign country · 31. July 2020
Don’t believe people who say it doesn’t matter. It matters a lot. Language gives one insight into what really goes on in the soul of a people; the assholery, the boundless generosity, the vindictiveness. What does the existence of the word “brinkmanship” say about English or “schadenfreude” about German?

Life in a foreign country · 30. September 2019
As a black person, I cannot think of a more thankless way to spend your life than trying to understand racists of any shade. And I cannot think of a worse thing than voluntarily filling your head with apoplectic Nazis boiling with rage at the existence of non-white people threatening their privileged existence. It’s a waste of time. Well, not just a waste of time but a waste of precious time you could use for sweeping the neighborhood streets or simply biting into a juicy mango and staring...

Travels · 31. August 2019
They will tell you it’s uncultured but they will not tell you how good it feels to get served exotic foods and drinks. They will tell you it’s lazy but they will not mention how absolutely thrilling it is to have someone take care of and entertain the little ones as you delve into your summer reads and sip a blissful cocktail. They will tell you it’s gluttonous but they will not tell you how absolutely delicious it is to eat local cuisines whose names you can barely pronounce. They will...

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