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Is it possible to be friends with people you disagree with politically?

The Britannica defines friendship as a "state of enduring affection, esteem, intimacy, and trust between two people."

Is it possible to be friends with people you disagree with politically? Some people would say yes, but I have my reservations.

In this episode, I share my thoughts and reflections on why I think that this is not possible.


Whoopi Goldberg was right. The holocaust was not just about race

The crazy ways elections in Kenya and Germany differ

On the 26th of September 2021, Germans will go to the elections to elect Angela Merkel's successor. In this episode, I explore the different ways elections in Germany and my birth country Kenya differ.


The right-wing German Querdenker are planning to move to Africa!

The Querdenker, the German equivalent of Qanon have been encouraging their followers to move to Africa. One of their leading lights, Bodo Schiffmann is at the forefront of encouraging the move to Tanzania. From Africa, they plan to fight to free Germans from Angela Merkel's "Corona dictatorship." 

What is this about?


The cancel culture myth; the incredible story of Jens Lehman, Denis Aogo, Boris Palmer and their racist rhetorik.

The cancel culture myth, why it is not even a thing

Should a society tolerate everything in the name of freedom?

There are people who argue that there should be no consequences for the hateful, the spiteful and the vindictive.

A former German national football keeper Jens Lehmann, a former professional and national football player Denis Aogo and the current Greens party mayor of the city of Tübingen Boris Palmer and their supporters probably believe that they are victims of cancel culture.


But are they really?

Why the videos published by German superstar actors Heike Makatsch, Jan Joseph Liefers and co scare me

This week, German superstar actors like Heike Makatsch, Jan Joseph Liefers, Ulrike Folkerts and 50 of their colleagues published videos mocking the current Covid regulations passed by Angela Merkel’s government. The applause from the far-right party AFD and supporters of fascist hateful movements like Querdenker was prompt and boisterous.

Reminiscing about the horrors of 2020 and 2021 with my 10-year-old

At this time last year, most of us were oblivious to the horrors that 2020 was going to unleash on us. In this episode, my ten-year old and I look back on 2020. From Trump to Covid-19, it looked like nothing was ever going to beat 2020. But that was of course before  2021 arrived.


With the insurrection in the US capital and the white supremacist terrorists, 2021 is already kicking 2020's ass.

The most important lessons that 2020 taught me

2020 is finally coming to an end and I could not be more relieved. Yesterday, more than 1000 people lost their lives here in Germany because of Covid-19. To call 2020 exhausting would be a huge understatement.  Despite this, 2020 has taught me a few things that will guide my life going forward.

The Corona Virus disaster in Germany, what happened?

At the beginning of the year, Germany was hailed as a model of how to contain the corona virus. Watching the current number of infections and deaths from corona virus in Germany, that glorious past seems like a bad joke.


The most peculiar things that people do in Germany

Every country has its own peculiar habits or things that are so commonly done there that no one pauses to wonder about them. For foreigners, this can sometimes be very baffling if not downright hilarious. In this episode, we talk of the peculiar German things or habits or if you like, the way of life.


What are the differences between Eastern Germany and Western Germany?

Today is the 3rd of October 2020 and it’s a national holdiay in Germany. On the 3rd of October 1990, two independent countries East Germany and West Germany reunified to form the current Federal state of Germany. 30 years later, what are the differences?

Which places should you as a foreign looking person avoid?

My 10 year old son's perspective on corona virus, police brutality and the year 2020

To call 2020 a disaster would be a huge understatement. I in all honesty have no idea what to think or say about it so I invited my 10 year old son to share his thoughts on corona virus, police brutality and the year 2020.


How the Coronavirus exit strategy looks like in Germany

Germany's exit strategy from the COVID-19 lockdown

It has been four weeks since Germany was put in a lockdown because of the highly contagious COVID-19 virus. A lot has happened since then. People have gotten used to not knowing the day of the week. Unlike the neighboring European countries like France, Italy or Spain where so many have lost their lives, Germany seems to have come out almost unscathed. There have been mounting pressure on the government to ease the lock down and so yesterday, a group of experts from Leopoldina (National Acadmy of Sciences) came up with recommenadtions on how to ease the lock down.

Is Germany playing with fire?

I have no idea.

Coronavirus Update-25-03-2020 What is Germany doing right?

4 things the German government is doing right amidst the coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus in Germany Update as of 20th March 2020

The mood, working from home and schooling kids in Germany in the midst of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus in Germany Update 18.03.2020


Corona Virus in Germany

Corona Virus in Germany; the fears and the uncertainty

What has changed in Nairobi?

My visit to Nairobi in 2019, important takeaways

The cost of living in Germany

How much does rent and food cost in Germany?


Mesut Özil “I’m German when we win and an immigrant when we lose.”

Mesut Özil
Mesut Özil

Mesut Özil a German national team player with Turkish roots has quit the German national team citing racism and disrespect.


Trevor Noah and the issue of the French "African" World Cup winners

Trevor Noah celebrated the French team winning the world cup as an African win. Shortly after, he received a protest letter from the French ambassador to the United States expressing his displeasure.


The 5 biggest challenges for foreigners in Germany

For those who are thinking of moving to Germany, it might help to know what to expect. In this episode, I talk about some of the biggest challenges someone who was not born in Germany is likely to experience when they move to Germany. 


World Cup and other catastrophes


Insights and tips for foreigners about getting a job in the IT SECTOR in Germany

Podcast Episode 4: An interview with a German IT manager on how foreigners could improve their chances of getting jobs in the IT sector

An overview of going to school in Germany

Podcast Episode 3: An interview with a 12 year old about going to school in Germany

3 effective ways to get a job in Germany when your German isn't perfect

Episode 2:Getting a job in Germany when your German isn't great


Settling in Germany when you barely speak German

Podcast Episode 1:The surprising truth about English in Germany

Many foreigners wonder about how much German is good enough for Germany. There is a widely held belief that English is rampant in Germany. How true is this?

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