Random thoughts · 29. December 2018
Beyblade is the world’s best toy. My eight year old says this so it must be true. African Twitter-space is divided into two distinct parts. Those who fall over themselves praising the continent’s leadership and those who stare at the first group with their mouths agape. Exceptionalism is a lie. It’s not the gender. When it comes to gossip and pettiness, gender parity rules. Bluffing is an extremely important skill. If in doubt, watch Trump and the Brexit shenanigans in the UK. Be wary of...
Random thoughts · 30. November 2018
The first time I saw Sheryl Sandberg was a few years ago on CNN. It was around 2 pm on a random Saturday afternoon. I remember sitting up, intrigued by her enthusiastic voice and her bubbly face. There was something about her. Something about her vulnerable demeanor and raspy voice that made it look like she was talking to me or people like me. “What do you tell people who might think that you are too privileged to understand the struggles of ordinary women?” The CNN anchor asked her. I...
Life in a foreign country · 14. November 2018
In the months of October and November every year, stories about the holocaust flood German media. I have for years followed these stories and every single time, my heart breaks into tiny pieces. It never becomes more bearable or easier to see the haunted eyes and the emaciated skeletal bodies of the victims of the Wehrmacht. I’m not sure what exactly drives me to watch or read these stories. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m deeply aware that as a foreigner, I would have been high on the...
Life in a foreign country · 30. October 2018
I was reading this book by a Russian writer Victoriya Tokareva . The genius of the book like most great works lies in its simplicity. She talks about the men in her life. The ordinary misery, the poverty, the love, the betrayals, the alcohol and many other mundane things that make up human existence.
Life in a foreign country · 09. October 2018
Whenever people use the term shocking, I get the feeling that they are just trying to be dramatic. There really is no need to use the term shocking to describe anything that’s not life threatening let alone in a blog post headline like I was planning to do. My first headline had 'shocking' prominently displayed in it but after going through it, I had to admit to myself that there was not just a tinge of drama in it but a healthy dose of laziness. The following are things that you are unlikely...
Life in a foreign country · 01. October 2018
Important difference between East and West Germany that foreigners should always keep in mind
Life in a foreign country · 05. September 2018
The past two weeks in Germany have been dominated by demonstrations in the Eastern German city of Chemnitz. A male resident of Chemnitz was stabbed to death and two others fatally wounded. Two suspects, both asylum seekers, one from Iraq and a Syrian were arrested. The residents held a demo to mourn and protest. The next day, thousands of neo-Nazis held an even bigger demo to protest against ‘criminal foreigners’. I live about 500 km away from Chemnitz in the south western part of Germany...
Travels · 28. August 2018
Does one really have to go to Venice? This question doesn’t matter at this point seeing as I have just come back from Venice but it’s one that anyone thinking of going to Venice should probably ask themselves. On the 14th of August 2018, my husband and I and our two kids arrived in Venice. The decision to go to Venice was a culmination of curiosity and a need to visit what most people claim is one of the most amazing cities in the world. I was excited to go but on the day we arrived, it was...
24. July 2018
Mesut Özil a German national team player with Turkish roots quits the German national team citing racism and disrespect
20. July 2018
Trevor Noah celebrated the French team winning the world cup as an African win. Shortly after, he received a protest letter from the French ambassador to the United States expressing his displeasure.

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