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24. July 2018
Mesut Özil a German national team player with Turkish roots quits the German national team citing racism and disrespect
20. July 2018
Trevor Noah celebrated the French team winning the world cup as an African win. Shortly after, he received a protest letter from the French ambassador to the United States expressing his displeasure.
06. July 2018
For those who are thinking of moving to Germany, it might help to know what to expect. In this episode, I talk about some of the biggest challenges someone who was not born in Germany is likely to experience when they move to Germany.
30. September 2017
3 ways to get a job in Germany when you are not fluent in Germany.
01. August 2017
Many foreigners wonder about how much German is good enough for Germany. There is a widely held belief that English is rampant in Germany. How true is this?