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When you don’t have the luxury of the 'benefit of doubt'

Hilary Clinton, Trevor Noah and the black experience

My daughter had a phase when she told jokes all the time.

“Mummy I have a new joke!” she would announce whenever I picked her from school. On the drive home, I would be bombarded with all kinds of jokes. What was interesting was that, she didn’t care whether I laughed or not. She was always so busy laughing at her own jokes that I eventually started laughing at how she was laughing.

Whenever I watch Trevor Noah, I am always reminded of that phase.  Like my daughter, he gives me a feeling that he doesn’t need an audience. He is his own biggest fan which I guess is a good thing in a world so polarized.

But all this aside, I like the fact that Trevor Noah never shies away from the ‘difficult’ topics. This week, he talked about Hilary Clinton’s experience on the campaign trail. It is something that has uncanny similarity with what most minorities experience all the time.

Prove your worth! Prove that you can be trusted! Prove that you are not evil!


Prove! Prove! Prove!

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Will Americans elect a 'real African president?'

Trevor Noah's hilarious take on Donald Trump

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Where do you come from?

Tayie Selasi's Ted Talk and why you should probably not ask this question

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Self-pity? Nah...

Maysoon Zayid's Ted Talk and Self-pity

“Self-pity is the worst possible emotion anyone can have. And the most destructive.”Stephen Fry English comedian,writer,presenter and activist.

No wiser words have been spoken before.

Most of us have experienced those moments.

The moments when the universe seems to be directly conspiring against us.

It could be small things;your dog is sick, you have a horrible tooth-ache, someone beat you to a parking spot.

But sometimes,it could be pretty huge;a serious illness, bankruptcy,losing a loved one,divorce.

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Understanding racists, tribalists and all kinds of bigots

Interesting take on a never ending topic…

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